Saturday, November 20, 2010

Moving from spoon-feeding to self-feeding

So if my baby grabs the spoon and drops all the food off it in a big green or orange plop on his leg, does that mean he's not ready for food? What I'm seeing his actually his desire to self-feed--something quite hard to do with all the beautiful organic purees I've made him. So after six weeks of spoon-feeding, I actually have a high chair and I'm ready to let him hang out in it, not in my lap--or better yet, on my boob--during dinner. So far, we have given him rice cakes (handheld mum mums for babies), puffed wheat cereal, banana chunks and baked sweet potato spears successfully. I also have seen him break off tiny pieces of an apple and gag on them though. While I realize he's developing his gag reflex, I still want to avoid hard foods like apple now that my guy has teeth. The reason it took me a while to warm up to what they call "baby-led weaning" was my fear of choking. So for now we are sticking to soft foods. I'm looking to do a variety while his palate is open, before he begins to develop his comforting toddler favorites, like pb and j and Mac n cheese. After doing some research, these are the foods that seem to work best for babies that I hope to try in the next few months:
Steamed apple and pear spears
Steamed cauliflower
Ripe mango slices

Raw tofu chunks
Avocado slices
Cooked peach and plum slices
Baked butternut squash

Steamed carrots

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