Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Toddlers and the spiritual life

What role should Gd play in my little boy's life? He's seventeen months and can only say a handful of words-- at least ones I understand. He loves to wear a yamakah when we attend Tot Shabbat at synagogue, but then again he loves all hats, and wears my underwear as a hat quite often. How do I enrich his spiritual life?

When I say my prayers in the morning and night and in between it is always silent-- a kind of Gd-reads-my-mind sort of thing. Occasionally I remember to include Joshy by saying these thoughts aloud. They are usually simple and cliche prayers of gratitude or requests for aid of some sort. When I say them out loud they sound so silly and uncreative to me, not as heartfelt as I'd like. But does that mean they aren't good enough for my son to hear?

Does the metaphor of Gd as a parent and we his children apply any more literally than here? Joshy has faith that I'm always going to take care of him, but who takes care of mama?

My boy loves people, he is naturally social and he's teaching me to see the light of goodness in each person, no matter what. When a man was rude to me Joshy smiled at him, part of me was thinking "save your smiles for nice people," but the truth was this guy needed it. What can be more disarming than a smile from a baby to a stranger?

Please post comments on how your spiritual life intersects with mommyhood of your little one.

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